You could benefit from using a BREATH-A-TECH® Anti-static Spacer!

The BREATH-A-TECH® Anti-static Spacer is a compact hand held medical device which is specifically designed to improve the delivery of asthma and COPD medication deep within the small airways within the lungs, where it is needed the most.

A BREATH-A-TECH® Anti-static Spacer is suitable for those patients whom are unable to breathe deeply or have difficulty co-ordinating their breath when using a puffer alone.

The BREATH-A-TECH® Anti-static Spacer slows down the speed of medication delivery after actuation of the puffer, allowing patients more time to commence the inhalation of their medication.

Always read the label and follow the instructions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your Doctor or Healthcare Professional.

The Difference a BREATH-A-TECH® Anti-static Spacer can make

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