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A nebuliser is a medical device which is intended for delivering asthma and COPD medication where a pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI) or puffer and a spacer cannot be utilised by a patient. A nebuliser works by nebulising medication to deliver a fine mist for respiratory therapy and should only be used on the advice of a Doctor or a Healthcare Professional.


Talk to your Doctor or a Healthcare Professional to determine if this is the right product for you.

  • The Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser can be used on its own or with a silicone face mask which is included in the pack.
  • There are 2 ways to operate the Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser. One method is using 2 AA Alkaline batteries. The second method is using the USB cable.


Battery life is dependent on the capacity and the condition of the batteries.

If using batteries is your preferred power source, we recommend using Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries, which are compatible with Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser.


The USB cable does not charge the batteries. Please remove the batteries before using the USB cable. The USB cable is only available on model No. MBPN002


Only use the Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser with medications prescribed by your Doctor or Healthcare Professional. If you require further assistance, contact Medical Developments International on (03) 9547 1888 or email:

Cleaning and Product Maintenance

  • It is important to clean your Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser, Medication Cup and Mask(s) after every use by following the cleaning instructions in the Instruction Manual
  • It is also important, that you disinfect your Medication Cup at least twice weekly by following the disinfection instructions in the Instruction Manual.
  • If you are unsure about how to clean or disinfect your Medication Cup and Mask(s), contact Medical Developments International on (03) 9547 1888 or email:

You can find the instructions for use here: Portable Nebuliser – Instructions for use.


Yes. You can purchase the replacement Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser Medication Cup from most leading Australian pharmacies.

It is important that when replacing the Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser Medication Cup, that it is compatible with the model number on your Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser.

Breath-A-Tech® Portable NebuliserBreath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser Medication Cup
Model No: MB0500400Model No: MB0500301
Model No: MBPN002Model No: MBPN00201

For more information on where you can purchase a replacement Medication Cup, contact Medical Developments International on (03)9547 1888  or email:

You can check the list of locations from where you can buy the portable nebuliser visiting this link.



Always read and follow the instructions in the Instruction Manual on trouble shooting your Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser.

There could be various reasons which may explain why your Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser is not working properly. This may depend on factors, such as:

  • When you purchased your Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser unit

If you purchased and have been using your Breath-A-Tech® Portable Nebuliser for longer than 12 months, then you should replace your Medication Cup within 12 months.

  • Is there enough solution in the medication cup?

It is important to tilt the device slightly until the solution is almost exhausted to make sure that the residual solution contacting the mesh is nebulised completely.

High viscosity solution may result in poor nebulisation or clogging of the mesh. In this case, turn off the power and remove the accumulated solution on the mesh with a gauze or lint free towel.


 IssuePossible CausesAction

Low atomisation

Low battery power

Insert new batteries or connect the USB cable

Faulty connection due to stains on the electrodes

Use rubbing alcohol to clean the electrodes

The mesh holes are clogged

Refer to the cleaning and disinfection procedure to clean the medication cup

The mesh is damaged

Replace the medication cup

Light indicator does not turn on, no atomisation

The batteries are inserted incorrectly

Follow the (+) and (-) markings on the battery cover and re-insert the batteries in the correct orientation

Batteries are dead

Insert new batteries or connect the USB cable

Faulty connection between the adaptor and the main unit

Check and re-connect the adaptor to the main unit

Power indicator shows constant orange light

Low battery power

Insert new batteries or connect the USB cable

Power indicator light shows flashing orange light

Faulty connection between the electrodes and the main unit

Use rubbing alcohol to clean the electrodes and re-install the medication cup

The mesh is damaged

Replace the medication cup

The medication cup is not installed properly

Refer to the instructions on how to set up the medication cup procedure to re-install the medication cup properly

The bottom cover separates from the main unit

The connective band disconnects from the bottom cover

Insert the connective band into the fixing hoop at the bottom of the cover

The connective band is broken or disconnects from the main unit

Please contact Medical Developments International on (03) 9547 1888 or email:


If you want to purchase an AC adaptor / USB Cable, you will need to purchase an external adaptor that is compliant with the requirements of IEC 60601-1:2005+AMD1:2012+AMD2:2020 CSV. Please use a DC 5V/1A adaptor. Whereby, the connection jack should match a plug with 3.5mm outer diameter 1.35mm interior diameter 9.5mm in length and positive polarity.

  • 2 years for the main unit
  • 12 months for the Medication Cup
  • Please retain the original copy of your purchase receipt for any product warranty requests or queries. For any warranty enquiries, contact Medical Developments International on (03) 9547 1888 or email: