Instructions for use
  • Before each use check for foreign objects, broken or deteriorated parts.
  • Replace IMMEDIATELY if any damaged or missing parts are evident.
  • Ensure the Breath-A-Tech spacer is assembled correctly (Figure 1).
  • Remove protective safety cap from the puffer (MDI).
  • Shake the puffer (MDI) immediately before each use (as per MDI instructions). Insert the puffer (MDI) into the flexible end cap of the spacer, do not force the puffer into the opening with a grinding or striking action. Important Note: some puffers with larger or more circular outlets may result in a tighter fit. To avoid damage to the end cap, first insert one side of the puffer across the widest distance of the end cap (pushing to slightly stretch the end cap opening) and then firmly but gently lever the other side into place. It is not necessary to push in all the way.
  • Remove protective safety cap from the mouthpiece and place spacer to mouth.
  • Press the puffer once to dispense a single dose of medication. Breathe in and out normally for about 4 breaths.
  • If a second dose is required, pause one minute before repeating procedure (Only use dosage prescribed by your doctor).

Figure 1

Spacer labelled diagram

Care and cleaning

The Breath-A-Tech should be cleaned before first use and then monthly according to the following instructions:

  • Disassemble the Breath-A-Tech. Immerse all parts in clean lukewarm water and dishwashing detergent. Agitate gently and remove.
  • DO NOT rinse. The detergent helps to reduce the static charge in the chamber.
  • Shake off excess liquid, leave to drain in a vertical position.
  • Air dry without rubbing or rinsing. Drying with a cloth or towel can result in an electrostatic charge and reduce the amount of medication you receive when you next use it.
  • When reassembling the Breath-A-Tech spacer care should be taken when fitting the valve by ensuring the 4 chamber location pegs are lined up with the 4 holes in the valve to assemble hold chamber upright with valve located correctly before gently screwing mouthpiece to chamber.