Clinical Information

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Figure 1: Puffer Alone

Microsoft Word - A4 Pharmacy Leavebehind _1_.docx

Figure 2: Puffer with Breath-A-Tech

Effective management of many respiratory conditions includes the regular use of approved medications contained in pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDI) or puffers as they are commonly called.

The use of a Breath-A-Tech Spacer to deliver the medication from a pMDI maximises the dosage received in the small airways of the lungs (figure 2) and reduces the possible harmful side effects of oral absorption (figure 1).

For inhalation therapy to be effective, medication needs to be delivered as fine particles no more than 5 microns big. Anything larger cannot make its way down to the small airways of the lunges and simply collects in the mouth and throat. Breath-A-Tech effectively separates the large particles from the fine particles.

Breath-A-Tech’s benefits and advantages have been backed by clinical research time and time again.